Dialogue from the event:


God's Gift: Hm? Is that...Torri? Hey, Torri!

Torri: [turns around] Did someone call for me?

God's Gift: I did.

Torri: Oh, it's God's. Gift

Torri: [Walks over] Hello. Do you need me?

[I have an emergency.]

[Yeah I do.]

[I really wanted to see you.]

God's Gift: [Dialogue choice]

God's Gift: We'll be Classmating together soon, so I thought I should pay my respects.

God's Gift: We've both got important parts to play, as God's Gift and a Disciple.

Torri: [Smiles] what a proper greeting! Good!

Torri: I'll be proper to you, too. Let's both you and me play our parts!

Torri: I'm looking forward to class mating. Anytime is ok!

God's Gift: Got it. I'm glad to you know you'll be there when I need you.

Torri: Is that all you needed? Is it ok if I go back to my seat now?

Torri: [smiles] I'm going to look out the window now, at the sky. The clouds are calling me.

Torri: [leans forward] Oh, but first, I have a question. Do you like the fluffy part of Dandelions?

[I like how they're fluffy.]

[I don't like flowers.]

[I've...never thought about it.]

Torri: [Pulls away, Smiles] Ok. Well, I love the fluff.

Torri: Ok then, goodbye.

God's Gift: R-Right...Goodbye.

[Torri walks away]

God's Gift: [Aside]...Torri, huh? I get the feeling she's a little eccentric.