3DS PS Vita - Conception II Children of the Seven Stars Opening Movie (2014)

3DS PS Vita - Conception II Children of the Seven Stars Opening Movie (2014)

Main Theme Song

Is the main theme song in the game Conception 2: children of the seven stars. It's composed by Masato Kouda and the lyrics were written by MARIE. The title of the song is Spicate: 7 coloured celestial sphere; although is often refered as 'Conception 2's opening' or just 'Spicate'. This is the first song from the OST (Original Sound Track) from the game. Respectfully, composed and created by members of Atlus.


​​Shine in the stars
Don't read or ask
I'll see that you found me too...

Please, just me in the cortyard

who'll as promised

as you begun shining

"I'll carry our mission"

Hey, can't I be the only one?

my habit is so pushed

show me your cause

can't hold it any more!

Now it's time!

singing over fighting

Along the street

A few hours

be in Aterre

'cause your my world

Arrest you (Arrest you)

I'll kill you (I'll kill you)

Born to save you forever!

Every bit the world is fate now

hey; If you were spicate

(Japanese) anata no nawo yobitai

In the nightlight

empty and finally

is true he ditched me

(Japanese) enai kizuna tekuru wasete

Cuddle me; always saving the world!

Trivia Edit

  • Although it remains unknown as to what the song titled 'Spicate' may have been refering to but there are some possible assumptions:
  1. It could be refering to 'spikes', which technically refers to a plant, however the symoblic or suggestive meaning could relate 'spike' to the relationship of the Protagonist and the heroines . Relating to how the relationship may be 'spike[y]' because of how there are seven girls and the choice can only (technically) be one heroine (or none). It may also be a possible link to the last paragraph of the song with the use of 'ditched', again suggesting the relationship of the heroines to God's Gift.
  2. It could also be a reference to inflorescence as the arrangement of flowering or blossoming. Again, this could relate to the relationship side of the song. 'Blossoming' suggesting the growth of the relationship as it links with inflorescene whilst 'Spicate' refering to spikes of the plant. Meaning, a growing relationship, but with thorns. Similar to sayings of 'thorns and roses'
  3. The introduction video of conception 2 appears in the game Akiba's Trip: