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Siglett Herbs

"Hey, what kind of food do you like?"

"Hmm...I guess...The soup my mom used to make? She made it with Siglett Herbs, but it tasted like heaven.  Those herbs are hard to come by, though, so I haven't had it in a while."

-Torri and God's Gift talking about Siglett Herbs

Siglett herbs is an item that appears in Torri's main bonding events (Rooftop Lunch and Siglett Herbs). When Torri and G.G share lunch together on the school rooftop, G.G offers Torri some milk-fried Sara potatoes. Torri feels guilty for have eating them all, and in exchange, is curious to make or give some food to G.G. Wake mentions of the herbal soup his mother used to make. 

Geographic areaEdit

Siglett herbs appear to grow near cliffs, from what was learnt during Torri's Events. Further evidence shows that as well, Siglett herbs are located near the coast as Aterra is an island and Fort City is closeby to it.


  • Pronounced Sig-let
  • Although it is a herb, it is never mentioned at the Herbal Cafe Serina and her sister run.