Serina Leaf

Serina Leaf

Serina Battle Stance

Alias: Saint Pure
Race: Human
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Blood Type: B
Height: 148cm/4'10
Weight: 39kg
Bust: 68 (A Cup)
Waist: 52
Hips: 70
Hair: Baby blue
Eye: Emerald
Brand: Orange
Element: Earth/Fire
Weapon: Kickgun/Helios
High Stats: TEC
Low Stats: ATK
Occupation: Cafe Waitress
Relatives: Nazuna Leaf
Stat shape
English Voice:  Cristina Valenzuela
Japanese Voice:  Kaori Mizuhashi

"She looks small, but this third-year is very strong-willed and shouldn't be taken lightly. She is always up for any challenge."

-Game Description

Appearance Edit

Serina is the smallest heroine and has a height and bust complex because of it. She wears the S-rank uniform, consisting of golden lining, white shirt and shirt. Like with the other heroines, her knee-length socks are designed personally to match her attire which has two small pink bows at the front. For a short time, Serina is Transformed in that of figure to one similar to Feene during her bond arc.

Swimsuit Edit

Tumblr nabup2ZFfH1qflc3ro3 1280

Serina in her swimsuit (top half shown)

During the Pool event, Serina had her swimsuit chosen by God's Gifts suggestion. She wears a lime coloured bikini with white frills on the top half and a sarong on her hips.

Battlesuit Edit

Her Battle outfit which she wears during exploration in labyrinths appears to be a maids outfit, with a white and purple colour theme to it. On her back appears to be a plug. From her dress is a cable which appears like a tail. She wears thigh length shoes, with one of her legs wielding her main weapon: Kickgun which is later upgraded to Helios.

Personality Edit

Heroine Bond Events Edit

The Ritual

God's Gift goes to the 3rd year classroom to meet Serina. Only, he can't find her there. He hears a female student complaining how he's 'hogging the doorway' which turns out to be Serina. Because of their first meeting, God's Gift introduces himself to restart from what had happened but Serina refuses to forgive him. He tries to reason with her, including of how they'll have to rely on each other in the future with classmating and labyrinths, though Serina is indifferent to it.

She complains of how he's ruining her lunch, making her carton of milk spoil. Though she ends up tripping over and spilling it over herself. G.G advances to help her, but she quickly comes hostile: thinking that its his way of getting a 'cheap thrill'.

Classmating 1

Serina is disappointed of the atmosphere of the church as she thought it would be more 'exciting'. She then relies on G.G to guide her, to which he explains she must touch his hand; which instantly bothers her. Though she's reassured he won't be the one touching her, saying 'there's no telling what you'd do.'

After the classmating, it's clear that Serina is exhausted by it and G.G tries to help, which only causes her to be alarmed. She explains that she's generally not used to it, and that anyone would be nervous if it was their 'first time'. Though she may not forgive him of touching her chest, she is proud to have conceived the star child and offers a celebration. Though, saying she will only leave breadcrumbs for G.G: 'since, technically, you are the father of this child.' which leaves him a little dismayed and finds it obvious that it will still take some time for Serina to forgive him.

Serina's Height

Milk of Life

Classmating 2

Serina's home

Mysterious Magic

Classmating 3

Kiss and transform

Growth Effects

Classmating 4

Park Tickets

Date with Serina

Classmating 5

Sisterly Quarrel

Pageant Prelims

Classmating 6

Serina's Passion

Monstrous Beauty

Classmating 7

Hot Springs Date

Serina's Ending

Sleepy Serina

Get Away!


Growing Unease

A Bold Kick

Looking Down

An Upperclassman

Still Growing

After School

Nazuna's Side Job

One Umbrella

Serina is seen in front of the school building, muttering to how she should've listened to Nazuna's advice on how it would rain. God's Gift announces himself, and Serina says how she forgot her umbrella. God's Gift says he brought his umbrella and offers it to her. Serina realises how he wouldn't have an umbrella and asks how will he deal with heading to his dormitory. With the three responses, God's Gift would either say:

[1]He'll go with Fuuko. Instantly, Serina turns the cold shoulder as she's not interested to hear which girl he'd girl with-out of jealousy- and G.G will quickly apologise. [2] He would say that he'd just get wet which would make Serina feel guilty into repaying him. [3] He'll say that it's alright and that he'd run home since it's closer. Serina would argue that he'd still get wet. G.G decides instead that they could go to the cafe and he'll wait for the rain to go. Serina argues that it's not 'killing two birds with one stone' as he implied, because of the cost of tea. She offers him free tea, which he agrees to. She says how his shoulders won't get wet-assumingly sitting on his shoulders- though initially being reluctant out of embarrassment, she goes with him to the cafe.

Your Preference

Serina is looking for Feene, in order to train in Renda. God's Gift, acknowledging what Feene is like, suggests she is probably at the lab waiting for her. Serina becomes skeptical about the relationship between Feene and God's Gift, questioning his interest of her and claiming that he is not her type. Arguing with this, God's Gift tries to assure her that out of respect as a classmate, that is what he likes of her. Still doubtful, Serina is determined to know what he likes about Feene and how he respects her. Confused, God's Gift ask's why she is giving this question; to which Serina ignores and wants immediate answer. Despite Serina claiming she will not judge him, she will ironically give a bad response towards him if he claims to like something about Feene. which Serina knows she's out-of-league of.

[1]Responding for her tall figure, Serina will feel as if she has been denied from existance. To recover from this comment, God's Gift will admit he has nothing against small people, in hopes of lifting her spirits.[2] Saying about her long hair will only annoy Serina, as she admits she can just 'flat iron it', however she will argue that she likes her hairstyle the way it is already. [3] ​Saying that God's Gift likes her because Feene is older, Serina will be shocked and cautiously ask if he'd like any women older than him. God's Gift argues he wouldn't just like any women above his age as Serina sniggers to herself, with a newfound confidence. After the chosen dialgoue, She will say that she would probably have to head to the lab, as Feene might be waiting. She offers G.G to come along, strictly implying she is only asking in case they might not meet Feene there.

Memory Library

G.G goes to see Serina who is studying in the library. When he goes to ask what she's studying, she, out of reflex; covers her breasts. When G.G asks, confused of the reflex, she explains it's because of how they first met. G.G will think back to it, giving a various approach of responses.

He will either, say how he remembered how he saw her underwear when she was reaching for a book-to which would annoy Serina and she'd ask how he'd be able to see that. Either recall the touch and cause Serina to wail. She'll say this is how she can't trust him if he's saying strange things like that- to which he apologises for. Otherwise, his other response would be is apologising for the incident. Serina will forgive him.

After one of the three responses, the dialogue will continue with Serina saying how she must've overreacted that time and how she would only know him as 'God's Gift' if he hadn't touched her chest. Realising what she had said, Serina realises how it makes her sound as a creep. Though she admits that she's nervous to how their current relationship is, to which G.G admits he thinks all is well. This relieves Serina who later leaves because of the other memories coming and how it's making it hard for her to study.

The Awaited Cometh

Pool [Friend]

God's Gift and Serina meet part way on the return to the dorms. Serina asks if he's busy and he says how he's going to head back. Serina herself explains how she's planning on buying a novel. G.G offers to give one of his own books for her which generally surprises her to how he reads. As they walk back to the dormitories, Serina says of her interest in detective novels and how she'd love to say 'j'accuse!' to whoever she finds guilty. She asks what kind of detective novel he has.

After, G.G gives her his book named: 'The Son Also Murders...' and is generally interested to read it. She promises to return the book once she's finished with it-G.G says for her to take her time with it since he's patient for the return of it. Serina then leaves, heading back home on her own.

Festival [Friend]

Festival [Good]

Starmas [Friend]

Staramas [Good]

Starmas [Lover]

Urban Encounter

Take me in! (1)

Take Me in! (2)

Quotes Edit

  • "This one does fit my knee better." (Equipped with super novachip)
  • "I-it's just a bluff. Don't let it intimidate you." (Reassuring Ellie)


  • "It's our turn." (In battle)
  • "Prepare yourself." (Special move)
  • "Here comes the big one!" (Special move)
  • "Ha! Piece of cake!" (Won battle)


  • (Against Leviathan) "How dare you hurt my classmates and my friends! You'll pay for this!"


The name 'Serena' is a Latin name, which was derived from Latin 'serenus' meaning "clear, tranquil, serene". The spelling of 'Serina' is a variant of the name 'Serena'. Which seems to have been used ironically, because of Serina's tsundere nature. On the contrary, it could be used to implicate Serina's goal for peace in her heroine arc.

Whilst her surname 'Leaf' probably is to link with how Serina works at a herbal café.

Trivia Edit

  • In the pool event [friend], G.G says he has a book called 'Lady Terry Romance.' At first, Serina complains because of how it's about romance when she wants a mystery book. She then realises: Miss Terry, 'Mystery' and realises the pun he included in it.

Her Japanese name 'セリナ' is written in katakana, and spells the name 'Serina'.

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