Dialogue from the event


God's Gift: [Enters 3rd year classroom] Serina's a third-year student, so she should be here...

God's Gift: But she doesn't seem to be around for lunch...

???: Hey! I can't get inside with you hogging the doorway!

God's Gift: I'll get out of your way. Sorry.

Serina: [Enters] hmph...ah...

God's Gift: Oh, Serina, it's you.

Serina: [Hostile] Geez...what don't you watch where you're standing?

Serina: Can't even go get some milk with you standing there.

Serina: [Turns] Now then, time for lunch!

God's Gift: Hold on. I wanted to talk to you.

Serina: [Faces him] But I don't want to talk to you. Now, if you'll excuse me.

Serina: Oh...if it's about you touching my chest, you don't have to worry about it.

Serina: [Glares] Because I will never forgive you for that.

God's Gift: I'm really sorry. Look, I just wanted to meet you.

God's Gift: We're going to need to work together from now on.

Serina: [indifferent] Well, we've met. Now run along now. I'll do what needs to be done.

Serina: If you need me, just come find me.

Serina: [Glares] Are you happy now?

Serina: If I sit here talking any longer, my milk is going to spoil.

God's Gift: [Enthusiastic] Thanks. We'll be a great team.

Serina: Yeah, yeah. Best team ever...

Serina: Bye now.

[Serina turns and suddenly trips over]

Serina: A-Ahh!?

God's Gift: [Startled] Serina, are you alright!?

Serina: [sits up] Uggh...Ohhh...I crushed my milk carton...

Serina: [Looks at uniform] ugh! My uniform's soaked! I'm going to reek of milk...

God's Gift: Hold still. Let me help you dry off--

Serina: [Shocked] Hey! Wh-Whaddya think you're doing, trying to wipe me down!?

Serina: [frowns]Wh-who do you think you are? Who said I needed your help?

God's Gift: But if you don't wipe it off quickly, it'll...

Serina: [Glares] You're just trying to get a cheap thrill again, huh?

Serina: Creep

[Is that a bad thing to be?]

[You're being too self-conscious]

Serina: What?

[No, it'll stain.]

Serina: Hmmm? Like I believe you...

Serina: [After chosen dialogue] From now on, you keep an arm's length away from me...

Serina: And I'll keep an eye on you.

God's Gift: Okay...I'll be careful.

Serina: [Calmer] Good, you understand.

Serina: Now move it! I need to go change into my P.E uniform.

Serina: *sigh* I'm soaked right through to the skin...

[walks off]

God's Gift:[Aside]'s going to take a while to earn her trust.