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[MMD] depicted Fuuko
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Saboten (meaning Cactus), is a illustrator who more famously works on MikuMikuDance creations.This author is the most famous with GUMI, decorated Miku series and Yufu.

Conception II Edit

Saboten has created a MMD, involving specifically Fuuko Amicus out of the Conception II heroines. There have been even more minor appearances of Conception: please give birth to my child!'s character,  Farun, who has also appeared in MMD. There has also been a MMD creator Kio who has made a MMD model of Farun.

To find other [MMD]s this creator has made, follow by the link displayed here: which displays more depthful details about the MMD's.

Video Links Edit

Although there are not many, here are some [MMD] of the Character Fuuko Amicus (see below) For better preview, it would be suggested to either look up the video -by following the link-to youtube or an alternate source.


MMD Fuuko win100% baby maniacs03:01

MMD Fuuko win100% baby maniacs

PonPonPon Fuuko MMD04:05

PonPonPon Fuuko MMD

Megu Megu fire endless night! Fuuko03:55

Megu Megu fire endless night! Fuuko

Nekomimi Archive - Fuuko MMD03:32

Nekomimi Archive - Fuuko MMD

MMD GoodBoy Fuuko03:21

MMD GoodBoy Fuuko

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