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"The soup my mom used to make...she made it with Siglett Herbs, but it tasted like heaven."

-God's Gift telling Torri about his mother in Rooftop Lunch.

GG Mother
Alias: G.G's mother
Race: Human
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Status: Deceased
Hair: Silver-white
Eye: Teal blue (presumed)
Attire: White dress
Family: Wake Archus (Son), Daugher (Deceased), parents-in-law (Deceased)

Okasan is the mother of Wake Archus and his older sister. His mother was only ever mentioned in Torri's Bond events, Rooftop Lunch besides the information that was learnt about her at the Hero's Graveyard during the Main Events.

G.G's mother died in Gazel village that was destoryed during a monster attack that was caused by a nearby Nest. She, along her husband, her daughter and friends of G.G died from the monster ambush. It's presumed that G.G's sister was the last to die of his family, as implemented through Spicate's animation and the vague images of corpses as G.G and his sister are surrounded.


Wake's mother and father lived in Gazel village with their two children. When Wake was living peacefully with his family, his mother would give him soup made from siglett herbs, which was said to be hard to come by.

Around twenty years ago when Dusk within the Dusk Circles gave rise to strong monsters and started attacking people, this occured around the time of her eldest child's wedding. On the night before her daughter's wedding, Dusk Spawners appeared, killing Wake's family, friends and destroyed their hometown.