Following information from the World Guide, the information goes as followed.

History of Aterra 1 Edit

As Aterran society began to develop, so did the people's desires, which led to increased Dusk. Recently, it has surpassed the amount of Ether, causing an imbalance in the world.

History of Aterra 2 Edit

As a result, the excess Dusk began to accumulate in various regions of the world. These eventually formed into Dusk Circles.

History of Aterra 3 Edit

20 years ago, the Dusk within the Dusk Circles gave rise to monsters much stronger than any human. They began going out into the world and attacking the people.

History of Aterra 4 Edit

The people then received a prophecy from the Star God.Those of age 16-18 with large amounts of Star Energy were selected to receive the holy power to destroy the monsters.

History of Aterra 5 Edit

Those chosen received the Star Brand as a sign of their power. Together with the Church, the government organised the Disciples in order to combat the monsters.

History of Aterra 6 Edit

The government eventually built the Fort City atop the island of the first Dusk Circle.

There, they founded the Academy to train new Disciples.

History of Aterra 7 Edit

Today, all across Aterra, the Disciples continue their battle against the monsters each day.