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Inside the Herbal Cafe

"Welcome. Please have a seat whereever you like."

-Serina greeting her customers.

"You work here?"

"An S Rank Disciple doesn't have time to work. I live here. I only help out when it gets really busy. "

-God's Gift and Serina conversing in event 'Serina's Home'.

"I was born and raised here. My sister runs this cafe." 

-Serina giving brief information about the herbal cafe and her background.

"Our cafe serves food made exclusively with fresh herbs."

-Serina explaining in what her cafe specialises in.

Herbal Cafe is the cafe Nazuna Leaf and Serina Leaf run. As Serina has explained, her sister works at the herbal cafe after stopping being an S Rank. Serina herself lives in Fort City and the Herbal cafe and only works when there is a lot of business going on in the cafe or to help assist her sister. 

Thanks to her connections with her classmates  who gained high positions in companies and the government, Nazuna has social gatherings as an informant at night, where she enjoys gathering information and telling others as a side job. As a result, Serina claims there is extra business in their cafe at night rather than during the day. 

During Serinas events, Wake often visits her cafe and often gets gifted by Serina with free tea, like with events such as 'Serina's Home' and 'Your Umbrella'  when Serina is willing to serve him for free. Other events such as Starmas, God's Gift comes to visit Serina to help her decorate the cafe.

Magic Dusion CuisineEdit

Food menu(s)

  • The speical- Roast chicken sprinkled in freshly picked herbs
  • Complimentary Tea