God's Gift


Protagonist Battlesuit

Alias: God's Gift, G.G, Wake Archus
Race: Human
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Blood Type: O
Height: 176cm/5'9
Weight: 67kg
Bust/Chest: 88
Waist: 72
Hips: 89
Hair: Silver
Eye: Teal blue
Brand: magenta
Element: Alters depending on weapon and Heroine
Weapon: Dual Swords
High Stats: ATK
Low Stats: MDF
Occupation: None
Relatives: Unnamed older sister (deceased), Unnamed mother (deceased)
Stat shape
English Voice:  Sam Riegel
Japanese Voice:  Toshiyuki Toyonaga

Wake Archus (default name) otherwise and better known as 'God's Gift' is the protagonist of Conception 2.

Appearance Edit

Wake is a adolescent above average height, with a broad and muscular build. He has silver hair and teal eyes. Alike to the other students at Aterra Academy, he wears the Academy's uniform. As he is God's Gift, he has a magenta lining rather than the gold lining that S Ranks have. His Brand mark is also magenta. Additionally, he wields his primary weapon Dual Swords. In Dungeons, Wake wears his battle outfit, which consists of a shoulder-less black top, with magenta lining.


Overall, G.G's personality is dependant on the player's choice of dialogue. Revealing both a flirtatious and a sarcastic side to him.