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Ellie Troit, Heroine! , and Ruler of Troittown!Edit

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User: necromonium has joined a Role Play, *~Devil Survivor 2: GUILDIVERSARY - [Location: Okina~*] using Ellie Troit. Within the role play, Ellie Troit plays as one of the survivors, based upon a game called: Devil Survivor 2, record breaker with her being th leader and Ruler of Troitown, a fictional area that exists within the roleplay.

INFORMATION OF THE ROLE PLAY: As a devil survivor, the aim is to win and fuse powerful demons in order to survive. Using the demon summoning app, in a world based upon magic. It has the means of using demon auctions to gain demons and a Cathederal of Shadows. Survival locations include: Inaba (from Persona 4), Iwatodai, Oshu/Iwadate region, Okina city and Toyko.