The only element that can harness Star Energy. Star energy cannot circulate in places without Ether, so people in those regions cannot use magic.

-In game description


According to Cheif Ruby, the average amount of Ether produced is 50. Depending on this level will depend on a Disciples success on creating a Star Child and if a Disciple can or cannot survive in a labyrinth.  

Ether AmountEdit

Wake Archus had the ether count of 1500, with a star conception rate of 100%, giving him the name of God's Gift. Chlotz's Ether count on the other hand is 60, which is above average however was not given an Ether Count, like some male disciples have and not having the ability to go into labyrinths, although appears to have an average conception rate, as suggested by Classmanting he and Wake did.