The Dorm Room is a part of the Academy grounds where some of the Disciples stay, such as Wake Archus. In the game, the Dorm Room is used to utilise which heroine(s) and Star children to take to the labyrinths and other various options.

Dorm Room Options:

Item: To look through different items obtained throughout the game.

Skills: Look through current/equipped teams and their abilities, including God's Gift, selected heroine and star children.

Equip: Choose what items to equip your character

  • Best: Select either G.G, Heroine or star child to automatically be equipped with the best weapons/items available to make your character stronger for battle.
  • Team Equip: Functions similar to Equip, where you can choose (according to grouping of Star children/heroine and protagonist) items for your characters through your teams.
  • Team best: equip all characters with the strongest equipment, automatically removing current equipment.
  • Lock: After choosing items/weapons, you can choose 'lock' to keep the current weaponary and items so it won't change when you use things such as Team Best or Best Equip
  • Remove: Remove the equipment of all characters
  • Costume: Allows you to look through Heroines and G.G's battle suits optionally to change them to swimsuits (or Uniform if G.G) or to look at them. This will change the appearance of the charcter during travelling through dungeons.
  • Acessories: Allows you to equip all heroines with the gifts that are wearable. That including accesories for the head, eyes, earings or other. Accessories will only appear, however, during bonding arcs, only when it's not the main bonding arc.
  • Return: Returns you to the option screen in the Dorm Room.

Team Info: Lets you look at stats on a scale of 0>>9999, 0>>500, 0>>1000 and 0>>2000 for heroine and G.G and star children.

Tactics: During battle, you can change as well the options of battling. The available choices are: Full force, Chain Focus, Save MP, No skills, Heal focus, Support focus

Team Edit:

  • Edit: Change star children to take in labyrinths. 
  • Recomend: can form recomended teams or focus on strength etc
  • Independence: After a star child is maxed out, you can make them independant to provide around Fort City.
  • Heroines: Choose which heroine to take in battle

Quest: Look at current quests

Rest: rest and progress time (allows you to talk to heroines at the academy-if you can't currently bond with them)

System: Save, load, database, tutorial, options