Conception 2: Children of the seven stars is the sequel of Conception: please give birth to my child! However this game ultimately is not linked to the first story, therefore gamers do not have to understand the game through the prequel. Also, like it' prequel; the game revolves around dungeon-crawling and dating simulations.


Wake Archus has moved into the world of Aterra, an island to follow his fate to fending off monsters for the sake of saving the world. Along the way, he meets disciples Fuuko Amicus and Chlotz Genus who alike to him, have moved to the island-when they are suddenly attacked by monsters. Quickly, God's Gift defeats them and with the gain of their gratitude, they decide to work hard for their own goals. 

After their introductions, and showing proof for being chosen by the Star God; they are soon led into an explanation of what they must do: Conceive star children with a female disciple to create warriors to travel through dungeons and eliminate monsters before they can destroy Aterra.


The game's story follows the protagonist (with a randomly generated name such as "Wake Archus", or one you choose yourself), a young teenage boy growing up in Aterra, a world plagued by the mysterious appearance of "Dusk Circles". Dusk Circles spawn demonic monsters known as "Dusk Monsters" or "Nemesis" and eventually turn into Labyrinths, which comprise of the game's dungeon-crawling element.

Some teenagers are blessed by the "Star God" and receive a certain mark on their body, typically their hand. These teenagers are sent to specialized schools where their Star Energy and Ether power are measured and they are trained to become combatants known as "Disciples" to fight the Dusk Monsters. The protagonist has especially high Ether levels, over 30 times the average, which earns him the title of "God's Gift" and enables him to fight directly in the Labyrinths . However, in order to do so, he must bond with female Disciples who have high Star Energy, and perform "Classmating" rituals to create "Star Children", who fight alongside the protagonist and his chosen heroine.


This game is available on these two consoles. To understand what impacts and differences there are between them, see below:


  • easier interface to use         
  • map always displayed         
  • Quicker load times and save times         


  • The games 3d animations are much more fluid  
  • Crisper images         
  • Audio a bit higher         
  • Ability to save images

Conclusion: 3ds- easier to use for combat in the game and easier to go through the menus vita- Looks better and sounds better.