This page contains various fan art of the characters from Conception II: Children of the seven Stars and is displayed here. As there isn't much widespread popularity for the game, it has been depicted on this page. Credit goes to artists. Also to note out, some images will link to the original artist. However, some of the links have not been used, considerably but all credibility goes to the artists who drew these pictures.

Fuuko AmicusEdit

Artwork depicting Fuuko Amicus.

  • フウコ Model © Saboten Wombat of Fuuko AmicusGo to Deviantart
  • MMD (Miku Miku Dance) version of Fuuko; created by SabotenGo to Deviantart
  • Fuuko Amicus by SabotenGo to Deviantart
  • Fuuko Amicus by Saboten (MMD)Go to Deviantart
  • Deviantart of Fuuko Amicus (render)Go to Deviantart
  • Fuuko Amicus with Aterra (background) [MMD]Go to Deviantart Fuuko
  • [MMD} Fuuko AmicusGo to deviantart Fuuko
  • Fuuko [MMD] modelGo to Deviantart Fuuko
  • Fuuko Amicus deviantart [MMD]Go to Deviantart Fuuko
  • Fuuko Amicus by SabotenGo to Fuuko Deviantart
  • 'A single World to Fuuko Amicus Deviantart
  • Go to

Fuuko Amicus has made minor appearances in MMD as her character design is quite popular among people, however it's likely that the title of the game she came from gave indifferent responses towards her character. Majority of art of Fuuko Amicus is from Saboten models, based on MMD (MikuMikuDance)

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